Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back in the game

Well my finger is most def back on track. It seems the dirty little crimps on Caviar fixed it over night. How does that work? Any science out there to explain it?

Either way, it means i can train hard again, like i was training a few months back and was improving. So i am trying to do double session days. Try to get outside, then in the evening hit the Beastmaker and weights. I am also dieting and running to lose weight and have already lost a bit, which i have really noticed the difference with.

I went to the tor the other day, and did a quick warm up. Then warmed up first go on Bens roof. It felt really easy, though i put that down to conditions being good. I then got on Short Chimes. Armed with Jo Le Sage's beta i put it to bed within an hour. 2nd redpoint. I have heard a few people say this is supposed to be hard. Lets just say it must have suited me. Ill be sure to get on Full Chimes soon, which will be another climb to add to the list!

I am picking up a weights bench in next few days. It will add a new dimension to my routine i follow at the moment. The weights are mainly in preparation for the winter bouldering, but it can't hurt to add it to my current training plan.

Anyway, good session down at boulderuk today. Felt light and pretty strong considering it was my first time indoors in yonks.

Not sure what my plans are for the weekend yet. Yorkshire lime possibly wet, so maybe i should go back to Peak and start tidying up some loose ends. And hopefully quickly dispatching new stuff i want to do. Then if all goes to plan, work will be quiet and i will be able to concentrate on the Yorkshire lime in Autumn.

I booked to go to Mallorca for a long weekend the other day. With a view to doing some of the stuff at Diablo which was wet when i was last there. Cant wait!

Updates soon.

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