Monday, August 03, 2009

Lardy Boy

After being on my diet for a while now, it seems its not working. I have managed to pull two holds off in two days. One at Kilnsey on Rubble, then next on something a bit more important. The Chimes crimp at the tor. I was on my first redpoint of the full thing, and ripped it off. Lost my psyche after that so took my clips out and went over to Manchester for night on the tiles.

I went back to the Tor this morning with the Jordanator and did it first redpoint. Was very unexpected as i felt a bit crap and it was warm. Don't need to go back to the Tor now till it cools off a bit.

Off to Mallorca on Thursday for some DWS so doubt ill have much to report before hand. Though i am off to work in Windermere tomorrow so will call in at the Langdale boulders after for a session on the sit to Steffan Grossman.

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