Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 hour 7mins

1 hour 7 mins from Raven Tor to my house. My pb tonight. Leaving at 9.45 though from the Tor, so no traffic! Not bad.

Also not a bad evening at Tor. Great conditions. I got a mini tour off Ted as though i have been to Tor many times, i don't really know what all the problems are apart from the obvious classics. So tonight i managed.

Undercut to crimp, second go. Supposed to be 7b+?
Undercut to sloper, second go. Gets 7c, but def a notch harder than crimp variant.
Right of bens roof, 7c. I flashed this, so thought possibly 7b+ was more spot on but you can never tell when flashing stuff.

We also tried the sitter to the above problem. Not much is known about it but its probably in the V10/V11 ball park. I linked into the stand from the sitter, but was pretty tired by then, and my knee was a bit tweaky on the heal and toe so called it a night.

Earlier on though i nearly did Pump up the power traverse. 7c is the given grade but its only had a few ascents so probably more bottom end 7c+ ? I fell off on about my 5th go hitting the final jug but not holding it. Another session on it fresh should see it in the bag.

I felt super light again, and pretty strong. Think i will keep on losing the weight and training, as well as keeping up the weights.

Tomorrow i am working in the Lakes so if its dry, i am keen to head to Langdale boulders to try Steffan Grossman sitter. I think i did the stand years ago, but maybe not! Fingers crossed for no rain.

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