Sunday, September 06, 2009

The diet

After waking up feeling a bit iffy, been fighting a cold, i decided to have a session on the new set down West View. Vickers always does a good job and i always like trying to do the whole set in a session, comp style.

Normally there are a few 8's that take me more than one session. This time i flashed them all bar one. Other than 1 v6 i couldnt work out, i flashed everything else too. I just thought it was an easy set and thought nothing of it.

Then after getting out the shower this eve, i weighed myself. Not done this for a few weeks. Was avoiding it as i have had a few sessions on the beer, and was expecting to be creeping back up to my original weight of 11st 4ish. I couldn't believe it when the scales read 10st 4.8

Now it makes sense why i had to buy a new harness the other day. So since my diet which has been a couple months old now, i have lost a stone. Now i have not been running or any kind of aerobic exercise, just cutting out the crap. (mostly)

Time to get on those projects before the end of the lime season, if that isn't over already!


GCW said...

Fat git.
At least you may pull fewer holds off now.....

Was it that stupid lime V6 at the right end?

Adam Lincoln said...

That be the one!

Doylo said...

You've missed the boat sausage its time to put weight back on now for the winter!