Monday, November 02, 2009


Well i have had almost a week off to re energize the body and mind for climbing. I have been surfing down in the SW since Wednesday, and feel stronger in the shoulders, and very very psyched for climbing again.

Off to Rubicon tomorrow with Serps and we are meeting Ted there. Arran hoping to finish off Caviar and myself on a three part mission.

After my brief ten minute play on Barracuda last week with Ryan, i know i can do the move. Its pretty easy after it so if i can just pull the move once, i can tie on and finish the route. The grade is still for debate, but at 8b/8b+ its a fierce route.

Depending on how that goes, one way or another, before the skin goes, i need to finish off Hot Fun Closing. Also need to do Dangerous Brothers.

So all three would be amazing. Two would be brilliant. One of the three would be more than acceptable.

Lets see what the day brings.


Doylo said...

you do it?

Adam Lincoln said...

No! T'is hard... Didn't do bugger all after my weeks rest, felt piss weak. Flashed Too old to be bold thats it.

Doylo said...
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