Friday, December 11, 2009

Font - Day 1

Only just made it to Font. I was traveling through the night and my fuel light had come on. I kept pushing on and on thinking it would last. Then, worst place to run out, on the peripherique.

Luckily an exit slip road just ahead proved my target, and i managed to coast to it, and then down it. A quick look on the sat nav found a fuel station 5 mins away. So i hot footed it there, bought a container, filled up and ran back. Diesel in tank, end of story yes? No. Diesel's are really hard to start after running out, and in trying, i drained the battery. Disaster. Was just about to turn into Paris rush hour, and i was blocking one lane of the slip road. So i rang a few friends, see if anyone was close by. But no. I decide to give it one last go, and low and behold, it fires up and i am away.

After 2 hours sleep, we are off to 95.2 as it is still a touch damp. Forecast is great for 10 days now though so all good.

Had a reasonable day, ticking a few new 7a+'s and 7b's, and then doing L'Ange Naif the mans way, sans hole for heel, 4th go. Think this gets softish 7c now, so not a bad first day with no sleep.

Keith is off to pick James up from the station in a bit so we will have a fully psyched strong team ready to bring the crush to the forest. Well, James and Keith can!

Got some pictures from today which i'll post up in the next few days.

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