Saturday, December 12, 2009

Font - Day 2 (The big two and three quarters)

Pretty good conditions today. After a short warm up i should have flashed Noir Desire, dropping the move going the good hold before the jugs. Punt! Needed a bit more of a warm up i think.

After that i got all the way up to almost having my hands on the good sidepull on the flash go of Big Boss. Then could never get there again. Felt tired, so maybe it needs to go down first day on.

After that i moved onto Tristesse. Classic 7c. Few false starts then was at the top, quality problem. Tricky jump move.

After that it was Fourmis Rouges. Always thought this looked hard, and scary. As it turned out if felt like the easiest of the problems today. It used to get 7c+ but that must have been a gift at the grade. The new grade of 7c is spot on, and probably one of the best problems i have done in Font. High. Slopers. Big moves.

Top day. A few problems ticked - A few problems erased.

Off to try UBIK tomorrow i think. Stepping it up a notch or two.

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