Sunday, December 13, 2009

Font - Day 3

Didn't feel great warming up to day. Wasn't expecting much, but then those days are sometimes the best.

First on the list was L'arrache coeur. Has a reputation of being high, but it's not. At least not with a couple of pads. First go i couldn't get knee bar to work with my pants as they are nylon. Second go i rolled my thermals over the top and they bit into the rock. Two moves later i was at the top. Great problem.

We tried a few other things, James did a 7c+ and had a play on Karma. Skin was thin so we called in at Sur'prises on the way back to the car. I have tried it before but no success. Wasn't great conditions but in 2 or 3 goes it was in the satch. Felt fine. Don't know what all the trouble was about.

I am still on course for a classic 7c a day at the moment. Running out of classics though! Might have to bring the A game now.

Rest day tomorrow, so James, Keith and I are off out to Paris, Laurent Garnier is playing in the rex club, so some all night dancing should shed some weight for crushing next week.


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Unknown said...

Following with intrest, any chance off some photo's?