Monday, December 28, 2009

Slack Week

I am still in Font. Weather was rubbish though, snow, then the melt, so been training a bit. Got ill as well, just a 48 hour thing, but that has just about cleared up. Had a good couple of days recently. Did the hidden gem Vandale, 7c, which was good. Not the soft touch easy to flash problem Neil had me believe! Maybe if your as tall as Neil. Took me a while to even get a sequence to do last hard move. I then failed on the 8a link. Another Looonnnngggg move.

Today was back to my nemesis, Noir Desir, the classic 7c at Rempart. I have been falling off in the same place as i got to on the flash a few weeks back. The last move. Conditions seem to be keeping me from matching the last sloper. After consulting, i found another sequence and dispatched it second go today. If only i had tried that all those days ago. Anyway, its in the bag now. Pritch got some pics so hopefully have them up soon.

Not sure how long i will have in the forest now before going down south, as the weather is set to turn bad any day. Going to Fata Morgana with Pritch tomorrow, so hopefully it will be dry. May have a couple of days in the forest after the trip south, and before i come home back to reality!

Wish me luck!


GCW said...

Bon chance ;-)

neil said...

shorties always complain


Bloc said...

hi whats the 8a link up?

Vandale took me (quite) a few sessions, but it was my first 7c in the forest.

Adam Lincoln said...

8a link up is starting up vandal to the god holds, then traverse right to arete, then finish up this. So its really hard bit of vandal into a hard 7c. Gets 8a+ in some places.