Tuesday, June 22, 2010

While i am in the mood for a list!

Remaining limestone tick list for the year . Nothing like a list to get you psyched! Sure a few others will creep in too. Also want to complete all the 7's at Kilnsey. Just got about 8 or 9 remaining.

Urgent Action - 8a+
Cold Steal - 8a
The Thumb - 8a
The Ashes - 7c+
Dominatrix - 7c
Dr Crimp - 8b+
Full Tilt - 8b
Northern Exposure - 8b+

The Groove - 8a+
Austrian Oak - 8b
Renaissance - 7c+
Breach Of The Peace - 8a

Supercool - 8a+

K3 - 8a+

Dangerous Brothers - 8a

Pas De Deux - 8a+

Raven Tor
Waddage - 8b
Weedkiller/Chimes - 8b

1 comment:

uptown said...

I'm shocked that your cornice tick list is so short - some of the best sport routes in the UK are actually dry this year - make the most Adam, I'll hold your rope!