Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Time For Everything!

Manage to get a pretty mint day in today at Earl. Bit of a breeze, but after Yosemite, friction felt good! I flashed the 7b which goes out from Dave's Ramp. Had a brief play on the ramp but felt a tad moist. After that we walked over to Desert Island arete and did that first Go. Then did the sitter, which goes at 7b in a few goes. Wandered over to Sloping Beauty after that, the classic 7b, and dispatched that pretty quickly. My finger wasn't feeing too bad so tried Greg Chapmans's problem to the right of the Underworld area. Did it from standing, which apparantly was what it used to be done from until the low start was done. Low start is 7c+/V10 and from standing it felt V8/7b+. Very committing lunge at top. Good conditions needed for low start. A brief few promising goes on Underworld, and realised conditions were not that great. Then, i should have called it a day but got psyched by this 7c arete of Mark Katz's. What goes and happens? I split a tip. My first EVER! Not good as i go to Rodellar sport climbing on Thursday. Oh well.

Pleased with the day.

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