Monday, March 23, 2009

Malham Season

I had a trip to Malham yesterday for first time this season. As i mentioned before i wanted to polish of some unfinished business.

i warmed up with a quick lap of Consenting, which i could still remember all the moves on. I wonder why. Must be close to 50 ascents my me?

I then put the slips in on the Maximum, a very tough 7c+. Hard bouldery crux at the start. V7ish, into a fr7a+. I had a bit of a sequence on the top, and was confident if i could get stood up in two goodish undercuts it would be in the bag. I powered though the bottom making it as i went along and fell just shy of the good undercuts. Another couple of goes went none to well, and feeling my body moan after 7 days on in 9 days i admitted defeat and we went home. Next time.

Smitton ventured onto the Victor Hugo headwall above thriller. He said it was really good, but he needed to come back with a brush. BE good to see this getting some traffic, looks like great moves in a great position.

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