Thursday, March 19, 2009

A warm Trowbarrow

With all this good dry weather of late, i knew now was the time i was going to be able to get Iron Man done. This is one of the best V11's near me and it has been high on the list since i did Vitruvian, which in effect is the stand up to it.

I've been plagued this year with turning up to do the problem and finding the crucial crimp at the start wet. That on not knowing how to do one of the moves, which get you established into the start of Vitruvian. Now Nik Jennings got the second ascent, with beta that just didn't suit me. Fast forward to Jordan 'heel hook' Buys. He got the third ascent with a method that i was convinced would work for me. In fact, i did the moves first go. Great. It was on.

So i went up with a good team. Ryan Pasquill, Sean Gelder, and Arran Deakin. We were also met there by Andrew Emery, and later on, Sam Dewhurst. Conditions were warm but psyche was high!

Ryan flashed Vitruvian Man. 7c. I then proceeded to fall off the last move of Iron Man. Greasing off the warm hold. (See video below). Further goes in the sun didn't give me any success. Though that didn't stop ryan getting the fourth ascent. Shortly followed by getting the first ascent of Pac Man, the linkup of Wheelbarrow into Vitruvian Man. Now also given V11/8a.

I wound down by doing Neds problem, very tired and a bit pissed off. I knew it was only a matter of time, but for me, today, Iron Man wasn't to be.

Three and a bit from Trowbarrow from Adam Lincoln on Vimeo.

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