Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iron Man

Fast forward two days since my last post. Still great weather. This time i decide to wait for prime conditions in the evening. I set off at about 3pm from my house. A glorious drive up in the sun, and i decide to warm up at Woodwell. I am feeling terrible, struggling to do the easiest problems, and generally not having a good time of it. Though one thing i have learned of late is forget how you feel warming up, its no indication of how you will perform later on in your session.

Anyway, i find myself in the parking spot for Trowbarrow. Now, Iron Man isn't that highball, but the landing is not great, considering the last move is a bit of a throw and possibly an uncontrolled swing. So i debate taking two pads, and realise this won't cut it. So i rearrange my stuff, and i end up walking in with 1 Metolius Behmouth, 1 large Moon pad, and a DMM highball pad. Add my climbing bag, a tripod, video camera case and a stick brush and i must have looked like an overworked sherpas donkey!

Once at the boulder, i proceed to warm up with Funk Phenomena, which is a cool little V7. I then arrange my pads at the bottom of Iron Man, turn the video camera on, and sit on my pad, squeeking my boots. The temps are perfect, the birds are singing and i am all alone. Now i am not a fan of climbing alone. In fact, i have never done anything remotely hard on my own. On the other hand, there is no pressure. No one talking, no one moving around and no one greasing up your holds!

As i set off, i knew it was in the bag. I felt light, strong and at ease with the problem. I find myself through the crux and at the redpoint crux swing. I am pinching the two crucial holds, but don't feel good on them. I turn them into crimps, suck in the stomach and take the transition swing into Vitruvian. Both feet come off. I am conscious that my outside left needs to be perfect on the foot hold. I focus on this, put the toe hook in with my right, and pull in for the crux of Vitruvian. I hit the hold, and sag. I am still on. A few more moves and i am at the scary throw. I think about my lack of spotters, the positioning of the pads, i let out a strong breath of air, and lay one on. I latch the hold, and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I can almost draw a line under my bouldering for a while now. I have a few little things to finish off, but i can now concentrate on getting fit for Spain in a little over two weeks. And then, after that, the limestone routes season will be in full swing.

Bring it on.

Video of Iron Man.

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GCW said...

Good effort, A. I'm really pleased Trowbarrow is finally geting the attention it rightly deserves.