Friday, April 03, 2009


No blogs for a couple of weeks as i am off to Terradets in Spain for a sport climbing holiday.

I have not trained as much as i should have, as i kept getting distracted by boulder problems. I have kept my hand in at getting fit though, with at least a couple of session a week put into getting some route fitness. My power endurance should be ok as most of the problems i have been doing are a fair few moves, so fingers crossed. Be nice to get a few 8a's done and maybe the 8a+ Bon Viatage which is supposed to be super soft. Be a good confidence boost for the year. In a round about kind of way. On my sport climbing trips i generally focus on onsighting classics, this time i am going to air towards working harder stuff a bit more.

Anyway, i will be sure to get some pics.

Out for now.

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