Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The rain in Spain falls mainly in Spain (Part 1)

The old saying 'the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane' seems not to have been the case this year. Everyone is complaining about what a terrible winter it has been. And my two week trip was no exception. We had planned on staying in Terradets for the duration. Rain thwarted that idea. Wet tuffas, seeping rock. Not a good combo. It was going quite well. I was getting fit on the 7b's and working my way up. When the weather WAS good. Thinking it would be like this all trip. Then the rains came. Double rest days and psyche was at a low. Then a good weather window. I hang the clips on Bon Viatge, a classic super soft 8a+ that takes the highest bit of the crag, straight in the middle of the wall. I do all the moves first go. And leave it at that. Planning to come back for the RP. Then more rain. Next dryish day i go for RP, it feels ok, and i get to the crux. Armed with an even better sequence, thanks to a text from Mr Littlefair, i am through the crux, and have my heel on a good hold resting. Bang. Off it slides on a damp bit of rock, and off i come with it! Argghhhh. Not to worry though. Rock will dry soon and i can get it then. Wrong. Next few days were wet, so we decide to cut our losses and go to Siurana. I retrieve my quick draws and off we go.

Lesson 1 from this is take advantage of good days when you have them. Easier said than done but it can pay dividends later.

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