Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrations and Revelations!

I didn't expect it, but today i did my first 8b route. I tried Revelations a few weeks back with the sun beaming down. I couldn't touch the crux at the start, which is V9/10. This then climbs into a tricky route 7c. I had most of the route wired but never tried the top slab. Once that was all sorted i start trying the crux move. I stuck it third go and proceeded to fall off the groove bit. One more go later, and after my lucky omen had turned up, i dispatched the route. Was so psyched, and now i feel i have a right to be on the harder routes.

Even though i am very close to Northern Exposure, which is a grade harder than Revelations i feel i now have a bit of a track record at 8b now, albeit just the one route.

So, all being well, in the next few weeks i can report my first 8b+ too. Just hope the weather doesn't crap out and it get wet.

Finger crossed.


pascal said...

good effort sausage!

dobbin said...

Aye, good effort beast!

Since when has Revelations been 8B though?

Adam Lincoln said...

Dunno, the guide says 8b, everyone at the crag thought 8b. Only Rich Simpson and Ted have taken 8a+. Either way, its got all the history of a great route!

bonjoy said...

I took 8b, as it felt a grade harder than all the 8a+s I've done. You can have an opinion when you've climbed it Dobbin ;)

dobbin said...

Oh, and I absolutely think its still a great effort whatever it is - I cant touch it (must be 8b then;P), well done again and I shall be sure to get back on it with renewed vigour this autumn!