Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Quick write up of today.

Wanted to do Pacman, but didnt quite have the grunt at the end when needed. Did a few new things, but also did Wheelbarrow, the slighlty easier, V10 version of Pacman. Can do the move the lanky way a la Ryan and Smit. So its on. I get to the crux move on Vitruvian then fail. If i stick that, i should be in. It feels a grade harder than Iron Man. So Either Iron Man is V10 or Pacman is V12! Or Iron Man is bottom end 11 and Pacman top end. Who knows... Grades eh!

Gave Jeewooth the tour and also Dylog. He crushed Vitruvian quickly as did Adam. Neds problem was also crushed. Jee is not a million miles away from doing Iron Man either.

Great day, feels good to be back bouldering, but still got unfinished business on the routes front.

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